Community Partners

giveoutsnowconesIf you are interested in making a difference then Volunteering at Westmeath is for you. Volunteers at Westmeath play many different roles. Ways you can participate are:

  • Lend a helping hand in our Activities Department. Whether  a short term commitment or a couple of hours each week, we can always use an extra pair of hands
  • On excursions into the community or transport for a Resident’s appointment
  • Taking a resident for a drive or a walk around the Home’s property
  • Students coming to read and talk with Residents
  • Assist with Westmeath events and fund raising

Knowing that you have made a difference in an individual’s life is one of the rewards to volunteering in your community, but there are more reasons to make a difference. Volunteering broadens your horizons to make new friends, you open yourself up to new opportunities and uncover hidden talents, you may learn something new and you even may stumble on a new career path.


Anyone interested in volunteering with Westmeath is encouraged to apply: